Multivet Scentless Spray Bark Collar

A barking dog is a problem that can drive pet owners crazy. There are many different products that are available to help stop dogs barking. One of the most effective is the Multivet Gentle Spray Scentless Anti-Bark Spray Collar. This product is just what you need to help stop that barking dog. The Multivet Gentle … Read more

Multivet Bark Collar 6V Battery

The Multivet bark collar 6V battery is the replacement battery for the Spray Commander Remote Collar and Spray Control Bark Collar. It is the perfect replacement part for the bark collars that are intended to help stop a dog from barking. This battery is designed to give you the power needed to ensure the collar … Read more

Multivet Anti bark Citronella Spray Collar Valuepack

If you have a dog that barks constantly then you will need a device that can assist with the barking problem. The Multivet Spray Anti- Bark Citronella Collar is the perfect option as it is able to stop the dog from barking through the dispersing of a citronella spray. The Multivet Anti Bark Gentle Spray … Read more

Multivet Citronella Bark Collar 6 Pack Refills

The Multivet 6 pack citronella refills are extra products that are to be used with the Multivet Citronella Spray Anti Bark Collar. This particular collar is used to prevent dogs from barking. The collar comes with a spray that can eventually run out. People who are in need of a replacement can use these refills. … Read more

Multivet Bark Collar Refill

This citronella refill is to be used with the Multivet Citronella Spray Anti Bark Collar. All you need to do is insert the canister into the collar and then you are back in business. Each canister should provide the collar with around 250-300 sprays, before another refill is needed. How to use the Mulitvet Citronella … Read more