1.       What is the citronella bark collar? – The citronella bark collar is an anti-barking device that is very effective at stopping a dog from barking.
2.       How does the citronella anti-bark collar work? – The citronella bark collar works by monitoring when a dog barks. Once it notices that a dog is barking, it will then spray a blast of citronella spray into the dog’s nose. Dogs generally do not like the scent of citronella and will figure out that when they bark, they will be getting sprayed.
3.       Is the citronella spray harmful to the dog? – Citronella bark collars are a humane way at stopping dogs from barking. The spray will not harm the dog, it will only be an annoyance to them.
4.       What is more effective, the citronella bark collar or shock bark collar? – This is a simple answer. The citronella bark collar is by far the most humane method to stopping the dog from barking. All it is a bothersome spray that is deployed when the dog barks. The shock collar however is not considered humane. With shock collars, the dog actually feels pain every time they bark.

5.       Will the citronella anti-bark collar work? – The collar has been proven to work on all types of dogs. Dogs do not like the smell of citronella and they will learn that every time they bark, they will be sprayed with citronella. Dogs are quick learners and they will eventually figure out that in order to not be sprayed they need to stop barking.

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