Multivet Citronella Bark Collar 6 Pack Refills

multivet-6-pack-refillsThe Multivet 6 pack citronella refills are extra products that are to be used with the Multivet Citronella Spray Anti Bark Collar. This particular collar is used to prevent dogs from barking. The collar comes with a spray that can eventually run out. People who are in need of a replacement can use these refills. All the person would have to do is remove the old canister and replace it with a new refill. This should be able to provide around 250-300 sprays before it is finished and needs another refill.

How to use the Mulitvet Citronella Refill?

If you need to change your old spray canister for your citronella collar, all you need to do is place a new refill inside. This is pretty easy as you just need to remove the old canister, then insert the new one in and make sure the nozzle of the spray fits into the spray valve of the collar. This should be done for about 30 seconds. After you have done this, the citronella collar can be used normally.

When using this product, there are certain precautions that need to be taken. Only official Multivet citronella refills should be used in the collar. No other substances should be mixed with the refills, as it could be very harmful to the dock. People should be aware that the refills contents are under pressure and for this reason it should not be placed in a fire or punctured. The refill canister should be placed in an area that is cool and not hot. It should be kept out of the way from children and direct sunlight.

Multivet Citronella Refill Information

The Multivet refill consists of a gaseous mixture that is very safe for people, pets and the environment. R134a is the gas that is found in the refill canister. It is friendly to the ozone and it is no harmful.

  • Each Multivet citronella refill is 70g (2.4 oz).
  • There are around 250-300 sprays
  • Available in two types, scentless and scented
  • Contains citronella oil and R134a gas

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