Is The Citronella Collar The Cure For the Barking Dog?

The citronella collar has become very popular over the past couple of years, due to its effectiveness in stopping dogs from barking. It is a humane method of getting a dog to stop barking, compared to the shock collars that many people have used.

The main ingredient of the spray is citronella, a very fragrance grass that is found in the southern countries of Asia. This grass is processed and the end result is oil that used mainly in the manufacturing of insect repellent. Dogs do not like the smell of citronella and that is the reason why the collar is so effective.

The citronella dog barking collar is a device that has a microphone and a section to spray the dog. The microphone is able to detect when a dog is barking and when this occurs, the dog is sprayed with the citronella oil. As stated above, dogs do not like the scent and they usually learn that when they bark, they will get sprayed.

Even though a lot of people have claimed success with this particular product, some dogs get accustomed to the scent. This means that the collar doesn’t have a 100% success rate. It also depends on the dog that is being sprayed. Some will experience one spray and will stop barking, while it won’t affect others.

Some people state that when they leave the collar on the dog, after couple of weeks the barking will persist. This is widely attributed to the dog becoming accustomed to this collar.

The best way to use the citronella collar is to use it as well as do positive reinforcement. This can work out excellent and the dog will learn to control himself even more.

Generally a lot of people have success with the citronella collar. They attach it to their dog then they will not have to worry about incessant barking all day. Other people are not so lucky and the citronella collar only proves effective for a short period of time. In this case it is good to combine it with other methods to help the dog stop barking.

If you have a dog that genetically barks a lot, then the citronella collar may not be a good option as it might not work.

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