Dog Barking Deterrent

If you have a dog that barks a lot, it at times can be overwhelming and annoying. It can not only cause aggravation to the owners, but it can also annoy neighbors and other people.

dog-barking-deterrentMany people are at their wits end when it comes to finding a way to deter a dog and stop them from barking. Many people often take the task upon themselves and they often find this very difficult. There is the option of training lessons, but that may be a very expensive option.

People who often get fed up of their dog and its incessant barking, usually go and drop the dog off at the local shelter.  This is an easy fix to a problem that seem like it would not go away. This is somewhat unfair to the dog as there are many different dog barking deterrent options available to owners.

Below we will look at the most common products that are available to help stop dogs from barking.

Shock Collars

Shock collars are one of those products that can be used to help train a dog to stop barking. The collar essentially works by providing a small shock to the dog every time they bark. The collar is able to sense when the dog barks and it will then administer the shock to the dog. This is very effective as the dog quickly learns that every time they bark, they will end up getting shocked.

Some people are against using shock collars and dogs as they feel that it is inhumane. They argue that the dog is allowed to feel pain in an effort to stop them from barking. They also point to the fact that these collars may do more harm than good as the behavior of the dog could be drastically altered by this particular product.

Ultra Sonic Collars

Ultra sonic collars work almost like the shock collars which were mentioned above. These collars are able to sense when a dog is barking and from there it will emit high-pitched sound that dogs absolutely hate. This is also effective as the dogs will quickly learn that every time they bark, they will be on the receiving end of this high-pitched noise.

This is a good product to use as it does not hurt the dog. It is very effective and dogs quickly learn that if they bark they will get a shot of ultra sonic collar.

Citronella Bark Collar

Citronella bark collars work the same as ultrasonic collars. The collars will be able to sense when a dog barks and from there it will release a spray of citronella, a scent that dogs do not like. This is a very good deterrent to stop dogs from barking. Citronella is a scent that dogs do not like the smell of, however it is not harmful to them.  When they bark, this citronella spray is shot directly into their nose, every time they bark.

Many people usually opt for this product as it works and the dogs learn quickly that if they bark, they will be sprayed.

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