My Experience With The Citronella Bark Collar

I have one dog and he is an excellent pet, he is great around me and family and we all love him with our hearts. We never have a big problem with him barking until we move to a brand-new house. This new neighborhood was like dog city, it seemed like every single person who lived on the street owned a dog. This seemed to be a problem with our dog as this was not the case where we lived before.

Every day when a dog past the house my dog would respond with a loud agitated barking. This barking eventually began to get on our nerves. We tried ourselves to stop him from barking, but this was a huge disappointment. We eventually spoke with a dog trainer who gave us some advice, but that also did not work. We were becoming frustrated with our dog as we were afraid that the neighbors may begin to complain because of the barking. We looked into other products to help with the barking and shock-collars were definitely not high on our list. Someone mentioned that we use citronella bark collars and it seemed like a safe product to help stop our dog from barking.

From my research I found a study that was done at Cornell University. This study showed that citronella anti-bark collars were a harmless, yet effective way to stop the dog from barking. A small spray of citronella was sprayed out of the collar every time the dog would bark. Dogs do not like the smell of citronella and they would eventually stop barking. I was sold on this product instantly as it was safe and also not harmful like shock collars. I spent the money on a collar I purchased from here and tried it.

The result from using this citronella collar was that the dog hated the smell. Every time my dog would bark, a small spray of citronella would be sprayed into the nose of my dog. It took only a few hours for my dog to realize what was happening and would stop barking, so as to not get blasted with the citronella spray. This product worked effectively and I was surprised that the dog adjusted so quickly to the smell.

My final analysis of the product is that citronella bark collars work. They are very effective and it is a much more humane way to train your dog to stop barking, as opposed to using shock collars. For people who are having a problem with barking dogs, I would highly suggest that they give it a try.

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