How To Use The Citronella Collar Properly

proper-useIf you own a dog, you can understand how annoying their barking can be.  My dog would bark at any and everything and no matter how many times I told him to stop, he would just look at me and then bark away. This barking was starting to push me over the edge, as I tried everything to get him to stop.  It actually crossed my mind that maybe I would have to give my pooch away. I went on the internet and looked for another solution to my problem, one I had not tried before. I came across the citronella bark collar and decided to give it a try, since so many people were raving about the success that they had with this particular product.

I placed the collar on my dog and sure enough after couple of minutes, the barking began. This was on cue, except there was a noticeable difference. Anytime my dog attempted to bark, he would instantly stop. It seemed that the citronella collar was working. I decided to ramp this effort up on my own and anytime he barked he would not only get sprayed with citronella, but I would also reinforce that he be quiet. This seemed to be working wonders.  The barking ceased and my dog just sits there doing his own thing, without the bothersome barking.

The citronella collar has on microphone that is able to determine when the dog is barking. Once he realizes that the dog is barking, the dog will be sprayed with citronella. Citronella is a fragrance from a flower that dogs do not like. It is not harmful in anyway, but it does stop them from barking. I was surprised that it worked so well as it had an immediate effect on the dog.

The Best way to Use the Citronella Collar

Many people have expressed that they get good results in using the collar by itself. This may work for some people, but I think to get maximum quiet, it would be best to follow up the spraying with some positive reinforcement. The dogs will learn that anytime they bark, they will get sprayed. The positive reinforcement will reward them for not barking. This is multifold approach, it worked for me and it could possibly work for others.

I also think that there shouldn’t be an over reliance on the collar. Some doctors get used to it and eventually the citronella spray will prove to be ineffective. If the dog wears it all the time, they may see the citronella spray as a mild annoyance and may continue their destructive behavior.

In the end, I think this was a very good buy. I was able to stop my dog from barking all with the help of this cool little collar. I would highly recommend the citronella bark collar to people who have dogs that will not stop barking. This is a safe and effective way in get your dog to stop making annoying noises and inopportune times.

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