Can Old Dogs Be Taught new Tricks?

Many people often ask the question in regards to barking; can old dogs be taught new tricks? When it comes to the problem of annoying and problematic barking, the answer is yes. There are many different products that are available that help to teach dogs to stop barking.

One of the most popular products is the citronella bark collar. These products are very effective as they are able to control a dogs barking. The citronella collar has a microphone located inside that is able to determine if a dog is barking. Once it knows a dog is barking, then it will spray the dog with the citronella fragrance. Dogs do not like this particular smell and they will eventually learn to stop barking.

People love this product as it is more humane than the other methods that are available. Compared to shock collars, the citronella ones are just more effective.

The citronella collars work and work very effectively too.

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