Can Bark Collars Control a Barking Dog?


People who are interested in bark collars to control their dog, often wonder how effective the product is. There are many different products available and it seems that some are more effective than others.

Manufacturers of these products have indicated that they are very successful and the public seems to agree. There has been an increase in the past couple of years as it relates to the use of bark control collars.

There are different types of collars and we will look at the most popular types.

Shock Collars – shock collars work at stopping the dog from barking by providing the dog with an electrical shock. The collar is able to sense when the dog is barking and from there they will then provide the electrical current to the dog. This is not a humane product to stop a dog from barking as it can cause a host of problems and issues with the dog.

Citronella Anti-Bark Collars – These collars are very popular when it comes to stopping the dog from barking. They work by spraying the dog with a burst of citronella, a fragrance that they do not like. Every time the dog barks, the collar is able to sense this and sprays accordingly. Dogs eventually learn that if they continue to bark, they will get sprayed.

Ultra Sound Collars Р Ultra sound is another method that can be used to control a barking dog. These collars emit a sound when a dog barks. The sound can only be heard by dogs and it is extremely irritating to them. Dogs eventually learn that if they bark, this sound will affect them.

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