Citronella Bark Collars for Small Dogs

Citronella bark collars are available for any sized dogs, especially the little ones. Many of these collars are adjustable and this essentially means that the regardless of the size of your pooch, there will be a collar that they will be able to use. This is good news for people who are tired of dogs … Read more

Can Bark Collars Control a Barking Dog?

People who are interested in bark collars to control their dog, often wonder how effective the product is. There are many different products available and it seems that some are more effective than others. Manufacturers of these products have indicated that they are very successful and the public seems to agree. There has been an … Read more

Can Old Dogs Be Taught new Tricks?

Many people often ask the question in regards to barking; can old dogs be taught new tricks? When it comes to the problem of annoying and problematic barking, the answer is yes. There are many different products that are available that help to teach dogs to stop barking. One of the most popular products is … Read more

Dog Barking Ordinance

Dog barking ordinances are laws that are set in place to protect people from the disturbances as a result of people who own noisy or disruptive animals. These ordinances differ from city to city and it is best for an individual to get a copy related to their jurisdiction. This is very important if they … Read more