Many people have heard about citronella anti bark collars, but they often are not sure about the effectiveness of such a product. There are many different views on these types of bark collars. The majority of people agree that this product is very effective and there are tons of success stories to show that this product works. It is humane and it does not hurt the dog, as the spray is harmless. Other people who do not like product complain that it did not work.

Below we will list out a general review for citronella bark collars.

Citronella Dog Collar Positive Responses

Many people have success with the citronella bark collar and it has stopped their dogs from barking. They would be terrorized by the dog barking and once the citronella collar was placed on the animal, the results were amazing.

Some people had tried everything to get their dog to stop barking and it was met with no success. Once they tried the citronella collar, the barking problem was no more. The dog would be sprayed with this nice smelling spray, which they obviously did not like. Overtime they were able to figure out that the more they barked, is the more the spray would spray. Eventually the dogs figured it out and silence would be in the household.

People enjoyed using this product as it was much more humane compared to the use of shock collars. The dog would not be hurt and the citronella spray was not harmful.

Citronella Dog Collar Negative Responses

Despite the success some people had with these collars, it did not do anything for others who had a barking dog. Some people had used the product for a couple of weeks and the dog still continued to bark. Other tried different collars, with different sprays and they had the same result. The only thing that they go out of it was that their dog ended up smelling like citronella.

Other people who eventually got the product work, noticed that the dog would ignore the citronella spray after they had gotten used to it. Maybe the problem was the citronella spray itself and they complained that if other scents were available, then maybe it could work at stopping the dog from barking.

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  1. I bought a citronella barking collar for my beagle after it was recommended to me by a friend. I found the cost to be rather high (approx $80), but I bought it anyway, because my beagle’s barking and baying was getting to be really excessive and pointless, not to mention annoying. I put the collar on her, she barked and got sprayed four times, then stopped. Now, when she starts barking, I put the collar on her and she stops. I don’t even have to turn it on (and I usually don’t, since those batteries cost $15!).

    The only problems I’ve had is that sometimes if she is wearing the collar in a noisy area, it will spray her even if she doesn’t bark in response to the noise around her. I feel bad about that, so I usually keep it off in areas with lots of ambient noise (traffic, other dogs barking, kids playing, etc).

    Also, another friend told me that her vet cautioned against this product because the spray causes brain damage. I can’t find information about that online. Anybody heard this? Please clarify.

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