The Best Citronella Bark Collar

bark-collarSo you have finally made a decision to find a way to stop your dog from barking. You have done your research and you will have found that the citronella bark control collar is a good option for you. It seems to be very effective at stopping dogs from barking and many people have had great success with it. It is a humane way of training your dog to stop barking as a citronella spray will cause no harm to your four legged friend.

With this information you now want to purchase a citronella collar, but you are unsure of which one to buy as there are so many available. The question you want to know is what are the best citronella bark collars?  We will answer that question and provide you with the best available collar, along with the best possible price.

The Best Citronella Bark Collars

When looking for a citronella collar to help your dog stop barking, you want to ensure that the one you purchase will work properly. This means that it is a quality product and it will not fall apart when worn around the dog’s neck. The collar should also have a good track record of stopping the dog from barking. Below we have listed the best citronella anti-bark collars that are available:

#1 Premier Spray Sense Anti Bark Collar

The Premier Spray Sense Anti Bark Collar is the most popular citronella collar available. Its popularity is largely due to its effectiveness at stopping dogs from barking. Its low price also contributes to this #1 product.

The Premier Spray Sense Anti Bark Collar will effectively stop your dog from barking by spraying a blast of citronella into the nose of the dog. It is very receptive and it is able to tell when a dog is barking and should be sprayed. If you are looking for the best citronella collar, then Premier is it.

#2 MultiVet Spray Commander Pet Training System

#3Multivet Anti bark Citronella Spray Collar Valuepack 2 Refills 3 Batteries

#4 Petsafe PSBC-300 Deluxe Spray Bark Collar

#5 Value Packs

Both Premier and Multivet Spray Collars offer value packs. These value packs often contain extra refills and batteries. Great savings can be had if you plan on using this collar a lot of times or on multiple dogs. Buying the refills and batteries on their own can prove to be quite costly and if you like saving money like we do, then these would be a great option.

In the case of the Multivet Spray Collar Value Pack, you will get two types of refills. These would include one with the citronella scent and one without. If you are looking at saving money, then consider these products.

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