Premier Spray Sense Citronella Bark Collar Refill

premier-citronella-collar-refillThis citronella refill is to be used with the Premier spray sense citronella bark collar or the Petsafe Radio Fence Spray control. If you ever run out, then pop in the refill and continue. It should give you around 250-300 sprays before a new one is needed.

How to use the Premier Spray Sense Citronella Refill?

All you need to do is replace the old canister with the new one. Make sure it is secured properly and then you can go back to using the product as directed. Caution should be taken when refilling the canister. Do not mix other substances as the collar can be damaged or even harm the dog. The contents are also under pressure, so the canister should not be punctured or placed in or near a fire. It should be stored at temperatures below 50 degrees (C) and not be exposed to direct sunlight. Keep away from children.

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