Premier Citronella Anti-Bark Collars are some of the most popular anti-bark collars available anywhere. They have the track record of preventing dogs of all kinds from barking at inopportune times.

Premier Citronella Spray Bark Collar is effective at stopping or reducing the annoyance that often accompanies barking dogs. ┬áThe collar works by using Premier’s patented Spraylogik technology. This technology allows for a blast of citronella spray to the dog anytime it detects that they are barking. It is an effective and humane way to stop the dogs from barking as it were on for all of the dog’s five senses. The dog will hear it, they will smell it, they will feel it and they would see it. Dogs often do not like the scent of citronella and it is enough to prevent them from continuing with their behavior. It is offensive to pets, however it does not bother humans.

The citronella bark collar has proven itself to be more effective than electric shock, especially since it does not provide pain to the dog. Shock collars often hurt the dog and this usually increases their anxiety and aggression and at times makes the problems worse. This is not so with the Premiere citronella spray bark collar. This anti-bark collar can be used with any breed of dog as long as they way over 6 pounds and are older than 6 months old. This collar should not be used on dogs bark because of anxiety. This should be treated directly by a behavior modification professional.

The Premier Spray Sense Anti-Bark Dog Collar is a 24-inch adjustable nylon collar that comes with a quick snap buckle. There is attachable citronella spray device that comes with an on off switch. The collar also includes a stain free, hypoallergenic 3oz citronella spray and a 6 volt alkaline battery. The system also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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