PetSafe’s Anti-Bark Citronella Spray Dog Collar has the ability transform a dog that has a problem barking, to one that is a model citizen.

A barking dog can be a nuisance and can not only be annoying, but also criminal. There are many cities that have laws against excessive barking. If this is a problem that affects you, then the citronella bark collar is a good option.

The PetSafe citronella bark collar works by releasing a harmless spray of citronella anytime that the dog starts to bark. The collar has a sense and will detect that the dog is barking, from here it will release the citronella spray that dogs despise. The center another will not harm the dog and it is totally safe. Once the dog is sprayed, they will learn to not bark uncontrollably and then you will be blessed with peace and quiet. This a top-of-the-line solution to cure a barking dog.

There has been research that has been conducted to show that citronella spray colors are two times more effective than shock collars. It is more humane as dogs are not hurt in the process. It is also a much better option than having surgery done other to prevent them from barking. If you’re looking for a humane option to stop the barking dog, then the PetSafe Anti-Bark Citronella Spray Collar is the right choice.

The Petsafe Citronella Spray Anti-Bark Dog Collar is a lightweight collar, that is powered by a 6 V battery. The collar can be adjusted to fit any size dog and comes with a 3 oz hypoallergenic citronella spray. There is also a warranty on this product.

Exclusive Features of the PetSafe Spray Citronella Bark Collar:

Low-battery indicator
Low-spray indicator
On/Off button
40-50 sprays per refill
Uses a 6-volt silver alkaline battery (included)
Owners Manual

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