The citronella bark collar is essentially a collar that you place around the neck of your dog. It is battery operated and can detect when the dog starts to bark. Once the collar senses that a dog is barking, it releases a citronella spray from the collar into nose of the dog.

The citronella is a natural product and it is very safe and wont harm the dog. Most dogs do not like the scent and that combined with the hissing noise that startles them will aide in preventing them from barking. The use of the spray is also very effective when it comes to discouraging the dog from barking. This is because the dog learns that once he barks, the spray will hit his nose.

The citronella anti barking collar is not guaranteed to work with your dog, but there has been great success with it. There have also been studies that show that using the collar can be two times more effective at getting a dog to stop compared to shock collars. The collar can be adjusted to fit dog necks up to 25”

Do All Dogs Need The Citronella Anti-Bark Collar?

The Citronella anti bark collar is one of the best products out there to stop dogs from barking. It does not shock or cause any bodily injury. However with this collar it does not work on just any dog. There are certain circumstances and animal behaviors that might not allow this product to work effectively. These are listed below.

You should not use the collar if

This collar is should be used on dogs who bark because they are anxious or frightened. These dogs bark because they have some issues that need to be resolved. If they are cured of their anxious or frightened feelings and still continue to bark, then you should give the citronella collar a try.

If you have a wild dog, that looks like it might have some deep psychological problems, then this collar won’t work for you. It might act as just an irritant, it is better you get help for your animal.

If you have small dogs, or dogs that have a very high pitched bark, then this collar might not work. It works by detecting a special range of frequencies. If your dog’s bark is higher than the range of the collar, then it won’t work.

If you have a dog that is old or blind then the citronella collar might not work. It could actually make things worse. There are drugs that exist, that can help to solve the problem of a confused dog.

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