Dog Barking Surgery

dog-debarking-surgeryDog barking surgery is a procedure that is done by a veterinarian to stop a dog who has chronic barking. This procedure is often known as vocal cordectomy.

In dog debarking surgery, the vet will make an incision close to the throat of the dog, or sometimes he will enter from the mouth. Once inside, the vet will then cut the dog’s vocal cords. It is a relatively quick procedure and the dogs barking could drastically reduced if the surgeon is able to remove a lot of the vocal cord tissue.

It should be noted that it is impossible to have a totally quiet dog, as scar tissue will develop along the vocal cord. This will give the dog the ability to bark again, but it will be muffled and not as loud as it was before.

As mentioned above you will not have a totally quiet dog and he will probably still bark with the same frequency as before. The only difference is that will not be as loud and the pitch will be much lower and softer. Some people claim that it gives them peace of mind after the surgery, while others believe the barking to be worse.

There is controversy surrounding this procedure as expected, as many people view it as being inhumane. People state that having vocal cordectomy done on a dog is the same as having your own vocal cords cut because you talk too much.

We don’t condone this procedure and it seems there are many veterinarians that share the same view. Some people find it difficult to find a doctor that is willing to perform this surgery on their dog. There are many other alternatives to this surgery.

Alternatives to Dog Barking Surgery

Training – Even though it can be expensive, some people opt to have dog training as a way to stop their canine from barking. These training sessions are done by professionals and they often try to stop the dog from barking by changing their behavior. These intense sessions have proven to be very effective at stopping the dog from barking, they however can be expensive. It is important to know that this is a better option, as opposed to surgery.

Citronella Collar – This is a really cheap and effective method to get your dog to stop barking. It is a collar that has a microphone that is able to detect when the dog is barking. Once the dog barks, it will then spray citronella into their nose. Citronella is a floral scent that dogs do not like. They will eventually learn that once they bark, they will be sprayed and stop the noise. Many people have claimed that these collars work very well. Other people have tried to no success, but you should consider this product, before the dog debarking surgery.

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